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We need you to help get out the vote, but often Republicans are asked:

What Are Republicans “For” Anyway?

What will you be LEFT with if you don’t choose the RIGHT path forward?

Democrats policies support:

Republicans support:

  • Education Associations (Public Employee Unions)
  • Parents Rights and Choice in Education
  • Defunding Police & Endangering Public
  • Public Safety Priority Number 1
  • Releasing Violent Criminals from Jail
  • Equal Justice For Crime & Punishment
  • Enabling and Passively Supporting Addiction
  • Enforcing Drug Laws and Cleaning our Streets
  • Increasing Government Regulation Power
  • Reducing Government Size and Influence
  • Limiting Liberty and Freedom to Choose
  • Liberty, Justice, and Medical Freedom for All


Consider joining us as we bring back the core values of American Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The largest group of registered voters in Oregon are "Non Affiliated" with any party. In order to participate in Republican Primaries where we select our slate of candidates for the general election you must be registered to receive a Republican Primary ballot. Please consider updating your registration, it takes just a few minutes online, scroll down for more information. 

You can register, review, check, and change your voter registration online in just a couple minutes, simply go to  Registered voters can select My Vote where you can:

Use My Vote to:

  • check if you are registered to vote
  • view your voter registration information
  • update your voter registration
  • check the status of your ballot
  • find contact information for your county elections office
  • find contact information for your elected officials
  • find a ballot drop site

My Vote

If you are not yet registered you can select Register to vote, to register now. 

If you need so guidance here is a video we have produced to help you navigate My Vote. 

Have you noticed the difference in cities and counties governed by Democrats vs those governed by Republicans? Check out our Time for Change Video and see for yourself, listen to the message and decide, isn't it time for a change? 

You can watch the recording of the Oregon Gubernatorial Debate we live streamed on April 22nd on our  YouTube Channel or  our facebook page

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