Are you tired of the direction our State and our Country are headed in? 

Do you want a bright future for America and Oregon?

Are you ready to make a difference? 

The Linn County Republican Party has helped common sense candidates to win elections, contacted thousands of voters, provided information and education to the community, helped the community engage in the election process. Together we can make a difference, come join us and let's see how we can make our community better.


You don't have to be a PCP to volunteer. We welcome all those who love this state and country to join us in working for a brighter future and freer state and nation.


Come to a Meeting

The Linn County Republican Central Committee meets regularly. Find the next meeting time under Events & Meetings, guests are always welcome.


Become a PCP

PCPs are the backbone of the Republican Party and can have high impact in local politics. Find out more on the Become a PCP page.


Follow Legislation or Write a Legislator

 US_Capitol.jpg Federal Government

   Official Site of the White House

   The Congress of The United States

   Contact information for the President of the United States and those of the Oregon delegation to Congress representing Linn County is located here on our page devoted        to Public Officials.

Oregon CapitolState Government

Find Your Legislator

Legislature — House

The Oregon House of Representatives consists of 60 members who are elected to serve for two-year terms. Each representative represents a district containing about 57,000 citizens. There are three Representatives with constituencies in Linn County. District lines are redrawn every ten years to account for population shifts reflected in the decennial census. The next re-districting will take place in the year 2021.

Contact information for members of the Oregon House of Representatives is located here on our page devoted to Public Officials.

Legislature — Senate

The Oregon Senate consists of 30 members who are elected to serve for four-year terms. Each senator represents a district comprising two consecutively-numbered House districts; the number of the Senate district is half the even-numbered House district. Linn County residents are served by three Senators, only one of whom, the Republican, actually lives in the county.

Contact information for members of the Oregon House of Representatives is located here on our page devoted to Public Officials.


Oregon has five offices in the Executive branch whose heads stand for election every four years. Three of them stand for election in leap years, the same as President of the United States:  Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Attorney General. Two stand for election in the intervening even-year election:  Governor and Commissioner of Bureau of Labor & Industries.

Contact information for members of the Oregon Executive branch is located here on our page devoted to Public Officials.

Linn County CourtLinn County & Local Governments

Legislative and administrative functions of Linn County are in the hands of the board of three commissioners. Of the ten offices that face voters, only the commissioners are partisan. With the partisan advantage favoring the Republican Party, although most voters are registered as non-affiliated, it is not surprising that all three commissioners are Republicans. In addition to the county offices, there are 62 government entities, including 15 cities, 18 education districts, and 15 fire districts; way too many to list here. Use the links in this section to learn more about Linn County government and contact the three commissioners with concerns.



County Website

Contact information for specific elected officials in Linn County government is located here on our page devoted to Public Officials. Links to governing councils and mayors of most of Linn County's cities are also located here on that page.


Linn County Special Districts

School Districts


Connect With Party & Advocacy Groups

Republican Party & Affiliates

Linn County Republican Women's Club
Oregon Republican Party
Republican National Committee

Oregon Advocacy Groups

Linn County Parents for Academic Excellence

Albany First PAC

Oregon Watchdog by the Taxpayer Association of Oregon — Source for Political News
Oregon Citizens Lobby — Analyze and advocate for/against legislation in the Capitol
Cascade Policy Institute
Oregon Right to Life
Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregonian's For Medical Freedom

National Advocacy Groups

The Heritage Foundation
The CATO Institute
Americans for Prosperity