Linn County Precincts & Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs)


The Importance of PCPs

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The foundation of the political system in the United States is at the local government level and the local political party. The organization of the major political parties in Oregon is defined by state statue (ORS 248) and is based on a Precinct System at the county level. Based on formulas defined in Oregon statutes and some common sense, each county is divided into geographic divisions called Voting Precincts. Currently, Linn County is divided into 90 voting precincts. The Oregon statues allocated approximately one (1) precinct committee person (PCP) for about every 250 voters within the precinct. 

The PCP is the communication conduit between the political party, elected officials, the local government, and their friends and neighbors.  

The Central Committee

The PCPs within a county are all members of the Party's Central Committee. The committee meets once a month and elects officers every two years. They participate in various events and functions in the county as local representatives of the Republican Party. Their functions include fundraisers and support activities for Republican candidates. Each PCP decides on one's level of commitment and participation. In making that decision, the PCP should keep in mind the role of the PCP as the representative of fellow registered Republican voters in one's precinct and Linn County for the Republican Party at the grassroots level.

Basic Responsibilities

The basic responsibilities of a PCP are:

  • Become knowledgeable about the party and political activities in Linn County and your local community.
  • Talk to people in your neighborhood to help keep them informed and to bring their perspectives to the Central Committee.
  • Volunteer to assist with the activities and events in which the Linn County Republican Party participates.
  • Help support the growth and development of the party through fundraising, recruitment, and community engagement.
  • Regularly attend the monthly central committee meeting.

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Variety of Activities

The Linn County Republican Party sponsors and participates in a number of activities throughout the year. We encourage every PCP to select at least one significant Linn County Republican Party activity on which they can focus time and attention. These activities include:

  • Parades
  • Fund raisers
  • Signature collection on initiative petitions
  • County & State Fair booths
  • Information booths at events such as gun shows
  • Meet & Greet events
  • Candidate forums
  • PCP recruitment
  • Get out to vote activities including voter registration
  • Candidate support
  • Phone call follow-up


Republican Party Organizational Chart