Woke 101 - Educational Opportunity

You have likely heard about the Woke movement in some form or another. Whether it’s Critical Race Theory, Critical Gender Theory / Gender Ideology / ‘Queer’ Theory, ESG (Environmental Social Governance), Postmodern Neo-Marxism, Diversity Inclusion & Equity (DEI, EDI, JEDI, DIE), Cultural Humility, Culturally Responsive, Intersectionality, or a variety of other monikers. You may have noticed that words you were once familiar with or that seemed innocuous have come to mean something very different in the last several years.

The truth is that these issues that may seem unrelated or to be a grab bag of political topics are actually tied to one another in a variety of ways. It is also the case that ‘Woke’ ideology has become woven into the system of Oregon Government at many levels.

This presentation is designed to give a basic, introductory understanding of some of the most commonly heard of aspects of woke ideology and various parts such as critical race theory.
The focus of this presentation is to:

1. Develop a basic understanding of concepts and familiarity with terminology.
2. Provide examples of its presence in Oregon Government.
3. Review examples of how to identify it and dig for details in government documents.
4. Develop a sense of the sensibility of ‘woke’.

Woke 101
March 7th 6pm – 7pm
Linn County Republican’s Office at Two Rivers Market in Albany.
250 Broadalbin St SW, Albany, OR 97321

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  • March 07, 2023 at 6:00pm – 7pm
  • Two Rivers Market
    250 Broadalbin St SW
    Linn County Republican Office
    Albany, OR 97321
    United States
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  • Shawnn Hartley


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