Linn County Republicans Condemn Bullying and Support Public Safety

Linn County Republican Party was solicited by Caitlyn May of the Democrat Herald recently inquiring about social media, insinuating* that the Republican Party would encourage cyberbullying. The DH should be aware of the Democratic Party tacit policy of mob rule on display not only in Portland, but in our local public square online through social media. The Republican Party is engaged in outreach to the community through social media in an effort to raise awareness about this May 18th special election. We will continue to encourage our supporters to engage in public discourse on social media, identify agitators who are not Linn County voters who seek to sow division, and to bring them out of the shadows and into the light. 

One will find that Republicans are not afraid to use our real names and discuss real issues that affect Linn County. We do not condone bullying of any kind, cyber or in person. We support and respect public safety, public discourse, support law enforcement, freedom of expression and are proud to defend the right of others to say things that we may not agree with. 

No better example is the recent demonstration at the GAPS school board offices where supporters of local Albany Police demonstrated in opposition of Superintendent Melissa Goff’s decision to segregate public safety officers from the Albany student body within Albany Schools. Anyone who participated or saw the GAPS office grounds or Linn County Courthouse block following the demonstrations found grounds were left in a condition more clean and orderly than when the demonstrators arrived. Unlike the recent demonstrations (riots) in Portland, our supporters respect property, and the rule of law. 

 Anyone who would like to help the Linn County Republican Party with our community outreach is encouraged to sign up at and remember to turn in your ballots before May 18th.


*This news release was edited, removing the words "a false and shocking accusation" and replacing with "insinuating"
On April 21st 2021 a representative of LCRP was asked by the DH "Why is the Republican party encouraging online cyberbullying?" after they acquired an internal supporter email and called to inquire about it.

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