Annual Fall Gala-Honoring the Fallen



September 11, 2021 will be the 20th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attacks on our country. This is a day to honor the victims and fallen heroes and say thank you to the first responders who rushed into danger to assist the victims, along with the men and women of our armed forces who were thrust into battle to defend our freedoms.

On this day, the Linn County Republican Party will be hosting a Dinner and Tribute to the anniversary of 911 to honor the memory of those who were lost and to honor those who continue to fight for our freedoms. Even in 2021 basic public safety, family security, and the values Americans hold dear such as freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are under threat from within. Please consider joining us and other like-minded patriots who are willing to fight, sacrifice time to support freedom, equal justice, and the American Way.

This night will be filled with patriotism and inspirational messages from speakers like Kelli Ward, the Arizona Republican Chair who fought for the Maricopa County ballot audit, and other speakers who will be announced in the near future.

A fun live auction as well as a silent auction will be part of our fundraising activities and enjoy a cocktail at the no host bar while you mingle with your conservative counterparts.

Be sure and Save the Date, and consider sponsoring your table for 8 as a way to reserve ahead and save a spot for your group. Seating will also be available per person or per couple. Tickets are on sale now.  Seating opportunity is limited.

We look forward to sharing this evening with you.




Will you come?